Building apps and photographing dancers - that is what I like to do.

Do you have a performance you would like photographed? Or need headshots? Please visit my Dance Photography website for more info.

Get news headlines from various sources in an ad-free environment. Each headline has a clickable link that will bring you to the full story. You can keep on top of what is going on in NYC with just a glance. The app can show national news as well. You can customize various features to your liking.

Looking to eat healthy? This app gives you all the info you need on over 24,000 NYC restaurants. The data comes from the Dept. of Health NYC, and is presented in an easy to read format. You can search for restaurants by cuisine, name, location and more. The app also has plenty of reports that are informative and also kind of fun. You can save restaurants as favorites, and even create your own reports.

Do you want one easy place to read dance news and reviews, find classes, look for casting calls and save links to your favorite sites? This free app lets you do that, and more. Go ahead, give it a try!


Eric Bandiero